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What We Did
Logo Design

Mood boards can be a great way to visualize your brand!!

As you start branding your business, there are key details that set that standards for your brand. A few items on the board for discussion would be a color palette, imagery that is ideal for branding and of a course a logo that fits into the grand scheme of things. Pictured here is a visual of the mood board we used to communicate the full brand message. Follow along to the final design below.

In the above image we have outlined, a logo, the color palette used in that logo design and icon imagery that compliments the logo. Beneath those items are stock imagery that would be a good fit for the brand.

Each phase of the logo design process takes the conversations we have about your brand to communicate a visual experience. What do you want your logo to communicate?

After a few selections and changes, we have the final logo design, icons and color palette.


For more information on the logo design process and how to get start. Email us.