Nude Barre

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What We Did
Print Design
Web Promotional
Package Design
Tradeshow Design

About the Project

Nude Barre is a specialty line of sustainable undergarments made to match all women’s skin tones. With 16 shades, Nude Barre is durable enough for active women and stylish everyday fashion. This high-quality product is a luxury brand of legwear seeking to satisfy the women of all shapes and size.

In designing Nude Barre products, we went for a clean, modern style to set the tone and price point of the product.


We just love their tagline

“Nude Comes in All Shades, What’s Your Color?”


Nude Barre chose to stand out for all of the right reasons with our top notch web + social media promotional. They chose to focus on 4 keys elements on their website, the leg wear(of course), the blog, the company news and the eccommerce store.


Nude Barre Package Design features die cuts on the front and back of the design for their clients to seamlessly match their colors. The logo Nude Barre is embossed to give you a slight texture to the overall design. To perfectly fit the bulk of a tight or fishnet product, accordion extenders have been added the sides.