Nighttime Nanny

Honest, constructive and rooted from a love for children.


Our Client’s Goal

Nighttime Nanny is a babysitting agency in Dallas, Texas. Starting out, our clients’ goal was to create a logo that is authentic, captivating toward children, and modernly savvy toward parents. We started the logo design process with four concepts. In the beginning stages of a logo design, we like to design in a black, grey and white format. Our reasoning for the colorless method is so color doesn’t deter you from liking one design over another.

Each concept showcases the different directions Nighttime Nanny could go as a brand.

Number 1 and 2 were a more traditional approach. Number 3 marketed as mainstream/corporate style logo choice. While number 4 was more playful.

After viewing the initial design, our client decided the final logo would incorporate the typography and moon in option 2 with the addition of the sheep from option 4. Next phase was the addition of color.

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Color brings it to life!!

In the beginning, we had a very open color palette with a focus on pastels. As a happy medium and compliment to the design, the final palette features hues of blue with a highlight of yellow as an obvious color for the moon.

Date night-time, party-time, or me-time … part-time, we’re there!