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Strategic Branding + Design
Logo Design + Brand Identity

Establishing your brand identity is one of the most important marketing tasks you will face and it starts with your company logo. Your logo is the identity of your brand and determines how others perceive the products and services you may offer. At Henri Creative our logo design process includes three (3) initial designs and up to two (2) rounds of revisions.

After the completion of our logo design questionnaire. We use the following process to create your new logo design:

We research the marketing sector of your business to find the industry standards within your niche.

Henri Creative will present three unique variations in which your company can be marketed.

We revise the selected design to accommodate your brand standards.

Once you have selected a final logo design, color options will be explored. There are no limitations in color, several variations will be presented until we have the best fit your company.

Final production includes the production of print-ready files (.wmf, .png, .gif, .pdf, .eps, and/or .jpg graphics file formats), and project management for any print-needs and delivery of artwork

Stationery Design

Enhance your corporate identity with Top Notch Stationery. For your correspondence these brand extensions (business card, envelope and letterhead), will be designed to compliment your brand. These united branding components will differentiate your company from your competitors.

Advertising Design

Your measurement of success are enhanced by creating movement towards a call to action. At HCC, we help our clients craft advertisements focused on a consistent brand message. Our team has experience in a variety of mediums including:

  • Electronic / Digital (Banner) Ads *popular for social media
  • Magazine Ads
  • Arena / Stadium Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
Brochure Design

Whether it is a tri-fold brochure or a multi-page catalog, we can design the most effective collateral material based on the intended audience and usage.

Brochure design options include:

  • Standard tri-fold brochure
  • Bi-fold brochure
  • Booklet
  • Gate fold brochure (4 panel)
  • Z-fold / accordian brochure
  • Custom designed brochures

*For those interested in our print management services, we also have negotiated reduced printing rates with our preferred vendors.

Sales Folder

Our team focuses on designing folders that extend our clients’ brand. Each of the folders includes a design for the front cover, back cover and inside panels. For your convenience, these folders can be customized with a variety of slits for inserts ranging from business cards to rack cards or brochures.

*For those interested in our print management services, we also have negotiated reduced printing rates with our preferred vendors.

Sales Insert + Data Sheets

Our design staff works with our clients to create clear, professional, consistent messaging for each sales insert / data sheet. These materials can be designed for individual printing or for mass production.

Flyer Design

A flyer is a single page form of advertising for an event, promotion, service, product or other activity. Due to the inexpensive price of printing, flyers can be a very efficient form of direct marketing. Flyers can be single-sided or double-sided and created for print and/or electronic use. Standard flyer sizes are 4”x 6″, but other sizes can be created upon request.

Mailer Design

While digital marketing continues to grow, traditional print pieces like direct mail still have their place. With the right message (delivered to the right people), mailers can provide another touch in your overall marketing strategy.

Direct mail comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with postcards being the most popular due to the cost efficiencies gained in the postage / delivery of the piece. Our team can help you determine if direct mail is an appropriate option and can provide services including:

  • Mailer design
  • Printing
  • Mail lists (with filters available based on your demographic needs)
  • Mailing services (addressing)
Billboards + Signs

Go Big or Go Home! Our design team enables clients to fully leverage larger-than-life outdoor billboard space with creative and memorable designs. Designs can be constructed for digital or traditional (printed) billboards.

Annual Reports

Comprehensive reports to stakeholders/stockholders don’t have to be limited to boring black text on white paper. Get a little creative! Leave it to our team to design a layout that is reflective of your brand giving a legible outlook on the prior activity and performance of your company.

Web Design
Web Design Process

We take a 4 step approach to design websites for our clients:

  1. Discovery Phase
  2. We spend a lot of time listening to our clients. For each web design we create, we spend time to researching other websites within your industry. This process helps us identify suggestions for the content placement, navigation and imagery.  It’s important for us to understand what they want (and more importantly need) out of their website.

  1. Creative Phase
  2. When it comes to design, everyone has their preferences. Our job is to take in the client’s preferences and align those preferences with best practices as it relates to web design and usability.

  1. Technical Phase

To promote unified banding, we optimized your spankin’ new website for  seamless usage on tablet and mobile devices.

  1. Review

We launch! For E-Commerce and Websites with Blog functionality, we watch them work and check to see that everything is running smoothly.

Mobile Web Development

If your website isn’t optimized for users to see your content easily and effectively on their mobile phone, you may be missing out on business. Researched trends are showing people are accessing websites with their mobile phone more frequently than a laptop or desktop. Mobile access to your website is a trend customers are growing to expect.

Our mobile website services include:

  • Full mobile website

Create a (typically stripped down) version of your desktop website for client/customer use on their smartphone or tablet

  • Mobile landing pages

Create stand-alone mobile pages linked from QR Codes or within mobile apps

  • Mobile e-commerce

Provides opportunities to collect donations or payments via mobile phone over a secured mobile page


Our e-commerce development options provide you with the ability to sell your products online, process secure payment transactions, manage product offerings, track orders and so much more. Because the number of e-commerce options is so expansive, we help you understand your options and work with you to select the solution that best serves your needs. Most e-commerce solutions are certainly NOT a one-size fits all.

Landing Page Design + Development

Landing pages are an important piece of various marketing campaigns. They are used to provide a relevant place to guide your prospects or customers to your end goal – some form of transaction. The transaction doesn’t always have to be a purchase or sale; sometimes the transaction may be as simple as guiding the user to provide important contact information.

We work with our clients to understand their goals and design and develop and landing page suited to fit their brand, the existing designs of the campaign, and their desired end result. Landing pages can be used for:

  • Coming Soon Pages
  • Individual Product Pages
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
Website Maintenance

Some of our clients have their website in place, but need help with ongoing maintenance. We provide a customer-service oriented option focused on responsiveness to each update request. By tracking time spent on clients’ updates to the minute, we can provide pro-rated maintenance fees that limit your cost to the actual time it takes to make the update. This way, clients can avoid large fees for small updates.

For clients with frequent updates and the need for consistency in billing, we can also provide maintenance plan options, which offer a reduced hourly rate.


All to often, clients know what they want to say – they just don’t know how to communicate it effectively. Copywriting extends beyond the expectation of sound writing with proper grammar; it engages readers with creative, enticing text about your company, products, and/or services.

Copywriting services can be utilized for:

  • Website content and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Copy for brochures and other marketing / sales materials
  • Advertising copy
  • Data sheets
  • Tagline creation
Social Media Services

Social media marketing is an important piece of many of our clients’ overall marketing strategy. While we don’t offer social media management services (i.e. we won’t create your status updates, tweets, or blog posts for you), we can help you by integrating your social media content seamlessly with your website.

Some examples of some of the social media services we’ve provided include:

  • Custom feeds

We can build custom feeds from Twitter, Facebook or Your Blog – designed to look and feel like your website.

  • Design & installation of custom Twitter backgrounds
  • Design & development of custom Facebook tabs 
  • Custom blog development & integration with CMS
  • WordPress installation
  • Custom WordPress blog theme design
Email Marketing

When executed the right way, email marketing can be a cost-effective way to reach your audience with information and marketing messages. Email newsletters are fast and inexpensive to create. Email marketing keeps you front and center with the people who want to hear from you.

Our email marketing services include:

  • Account setup
  • Email template design for ongoing email newsletters
  • Coordinated HTML email design to complement an existing campaign
  • Email campaign execution
  • Email list management
  • Integration of email signup into your website
QR Codes

A quick response code, or QR code, is a type of two-dimensional barcode) that has become a popular marketing tool in a variety of industries due to its fast readability and (relatively) large storage capacity. With the rapid growth in use of smartphones, users have several choices in apps with the ability to decipher the QR codes.

We help our clients with the following QR services:

  • QR code creation
  • QR code custom design – integrating design / colors into the code
  • Mobile landing page development
Web Design
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Printing + Photography
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