June 8, 2018

Color Selection: In with the Hue

Out with the old, in with the hue. How your brand colors can influence a viewer?

Selecting colors for your brand can be a challenge. From the brightest of yellow and red, to the dullness of brown and grey, each color evokes an emotion. Have you considered which colors should represent your brand? Understanding the psychology of colors can better assist you in selecting a color palette that is a great fit for your company. Color matters and knowing the emotions behind a color can help you communicate a powerful brand message.

Know your Target Audience

Your success starts with how well you know your target audience. Characteristics of your target audience will include: gender, age, ethnicity, class and income level. Being mindful of that target audience will help you set the tone for your visuals and the expectations they have for your product or service. Is your branding up to par with your competitors in the market? Will customers even notice your company? If you are creating a product or service for ages 12-16, your color selection may be bright and vibrant to be age appropriate and represent the energy of your target audience. On the opposite end, if you are opening a spa, you will want to stick with colors that that are relaxing and serene such as blue and turquoise. See what I did here? Each of these colors have an emotion that can be paired with the characteristics of your target audience.

All colors fit into three categories: cool, warm
and neutral.

So how do you choose
your colors?

First, think of a few emotions that you want your client to feel when they experience your product or service. Here’s a starting point:

Select three words that describe your business
Then choose two (different) words that describe your business
Then one word
Use the above image as a guide to the emotions different colors can emit. You will want to select one (1) primary color and one (1) to two (2) colors that compliment the primary color for your brand. Present these colors to your graphic designer with any research you may have to explain your selections. However, also be open to professional changes that will help balance your branding.

A few questions you may ask yourself when selecting a color for your brand:

    1. How do viewers respond to my brand colors? How does it make them feel?
    2. Are the colors selected appropriate for my target audience?
    3. Do your brand colors make sense in your industry?


    · Be mindful of the colors your immediate competitors use in their branding. This color may show you the standard within the industry or encourage you to use an entirely different color to distinguish your brand.
    ◊ Think of which words best represent your company and share them with your Henri during your brainstorming process.
    ◊ Know your Target Audience. Being mindful of your target audience will help with your color selection. For teens or young adults, a bright and vibrant color scheme may be more appropriate but for a Spa a more cool and calming color palette would be more fitting.

    The key to branding is to stand out, for all of the right reasons. At Henri Creative we build exceptional brands, contact us at with any questions.

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